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Additive Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch

We manufacture wide range of additive masterbatches such as UV stabilizer, antioxidant, nucleating agent, polymer processing aid, optical brightener, antistatic, slip additive, antiblock, blowing agent, poly clean purge, toner MB. Our exclusive range of additive master batches include

  Antistatic Masterbatches
  Anti block Masterbatches
  Antioxidant Masterbatches
  Slip Masterbatches
  PPA (Polymer Processing Aid) Masterbatches
  Optical Brightner
  Clarifier Agent
  Blowing & Foaming Agent
  UV Masterbatches

Some of our Additive Masterbatch Grades
Product Application
Antioxidant ADDNoxTM
Optical Brightener ADDNoxTM
Slip & Antiblock combibatch ADDNoxTM
Desiccant to eliminate pre drying ADDNoxTM